Jenni Ahola at Raya Yai Island

Jenni Ahola at Raya Yai
I’ve been diving about 15 years: First before the kids and then again after a 10 year break for the last 3 years. In the early days after becoming a diver I did a few liveaboards at Red Sea. I dove with extremely experieced divers and we went down to 40 meters following vertical coral walls in strong currents. I also did a few dives then in Thailand and in the Caribbean.
Now, when the kids are older I have started diving again. For the last three years I’ve been diving on all my holidays: First in Bali and then in Aruba. My dream has been to find those beautiful colourful corals again, what I saw in 2004.
This was my mission when I went diving with Raya Divers at Raya Yai Island. We did a beautiful easy dive at a coral reef in front of a remote beach at Raya Yai. It was great to see that the reef was clean and there were still some colourful corals and plenty of fish. We saw some bigger species and the reef was totally full of smaller ones.
Thanks for the professional team of Raya Divers for a beautiful dive on my holiday!
-Jenni Ahola
Jenni Ahola Raya Yai -saarella

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