Raya Divers expanding to new markets

Raya Divers expanding to new markets

Raya Divers is expanding to China, Russia and Australia!

One of the biggest diving- and travel companies in South Thailand, Raya Divers has decided to expand strongly their marketing area into China, Russia and Australia.
This Finnish-owned company has already now the majour part of Scandinavian and Russian tourists as their customers. Now it is expanding to various new markets in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Raya Divers in Phi Phi

This winter Raya Divers made huge steps and expanded their co-operation with all the big European travel companies like TUI, Thomas Cook and Sun Tours (Aurinkomatkat). The company already has a Russian and Chinese department with bigger Scandinavian department, but the future it might be much different.

“We are currently expanding heavily in Northern Europe and China, and aim to get into Australian market in the next years. Our safety record is excellent, customers satisfied and pricing in balance so the travel agents like to work with us”, explains one of the founding partners Janne Miikkulainen.

Raya Divers started almost 20 years ago as a small diving company on a primitive Raya Island but now it is multi-travel-group with about 100 staff-members and 17 different types of family- and individual activities. The company has now about 20 000 customers per a years. The goal of “Raya Tribe” is about at least to double it in a few years.

PADI certified Scuba diving instructors

“We offer a good variety of quality activities: scuba diving, surfing, sup boarding, fishing, snorkeling and sightseeing. If you want to spend a day with your family, we can take you to the nearby islands and everyone can join the activities they like, scuba diving, snorkeling, beach games or maybe just relaxing. If you want to spoil your loved-one, you can take her to a romantic Sunsets and Champagne cruise, or try beach mediation in tropical surrounding”, Raya Divers Managing Director, Jiri Wickström tells.

“We do not believe in “one-man-one-old-boat-cheap-price-and-simple-diving-trip-policy”, with nothing extra. We guarantee the we can give you a true holiday experience with a moderate cost added to well known, high Scandinavian quality.”

The company has a new owner from Finland, who is not a typical investor.  He game along to grow the company in the name of deep loving of The Underworld. Mr. Petri Ahoniemi has had very serious diving fever for almost 20 years.

PADI certified Divemasters

Now he has joined to The Raya Divers Tribe to create with others new experiences to customers and plans the future of company with the management. He has been so far in 156 countries and dived in over about 50 of them. So he knows how this business works from the point of a customer.

“We want that when you go back home you will remember your trips with us as your best memories from Thailand. And it is already working. 97% of our customers are giving us the top ratings, when they are asked about how happy they were and will they come back again. That is the number which is very unlikely unbeatable by anybody else,” Petri says.

“I am - as a heavy-user-traveler - very well aware of what I get against my money. So now I just will use the same method on the other side of the desk; We will work and invite all the time new holiday fantasies and will do all the way, with love, smile and top-skills. So come and step on aboard.”   

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