Dive sites of Krabi

Sunset at a beach in Krabi Thailand

Islands nearby Krabi offer luxurious dive sites. Raya Divers takes you to dive sites which are known around the world for their unique nature. You have also chance to spot manta rays, turtles and even different kinds of sharks. We provide you the best and safest diving courses and 1-day-diving trips with our PADI certified divemasters. 

Phi Phi Islands is a home for many shellfish

Phi Phi Islands    

Large schools of fish, shallow bays and great wall dive sites offer a lot to discover for all scuba divers. 

Phi Phi Islands in southern Thailand are famous all around the world

Phi Phi Don & Ley

These islands are perfect dive sites to explore artificial reefs, sloping walls full of life and see seahorses and reef sharks.

Reefs attract all kinds of fish at Southern Thailand

Bida, Phi Phi wreck and Local Islands

See the latest wreck that sunk in 2014 but is already full of life.

Night dives are quite popular at Krabi

Bida Islands, Night Dive and Local Islands

Thrilling Islands of Bida Nok & Nai, and a night dive at local island.

Fish hiding on soft corals

Phi Phi Don & Ley

Less crowded places of the two largest islands of Phi Phi hide amazing dive sites beneath the surface.

Lionfish in all its glory at Krabi

Bida Islands, Night Dive and Local Islands

Small Islands of Bida little south from Phi Phi are perfect for shark spotting.