Raya Yai East Dive Sites

Scuba diving with turtles in Raya Yai islands

Novice - Intermediate | 5-15m | Mild - strong currents

Homerun reef is following a rocky wall along the NE part of Raya Yai. The rocks and corals provide shelter to huge amounts of exotic marine creatures, so pay attention. Sometimes the currents can be a bit more stronger than around the rest of Raya Yai, which means that it is a great site for an exciting drift dive.

beautiful species in Raya Yai islands

Novice - Intermediate | 5-30m | Mild - moderate currents

The beauty of Ao Lah never stops to amaze even the most frequent of visitors. The coral gardens at the shallow parts of Ao Lah offer such an abudance of marine life it even satisfies the needs of even the most enthusiastic underwater photographers. Pure white sandy bottom slope steadily down to the depths, where artificial reefs and shipwrecks offer shelter to some bigger locals as well.

Rich under water world in Raya Yai island

Novice | 5-25m | Mild- Moderate currents

Just a short distance south of Ao Lah, Ao Tyr offers little bit of a different scenery. Plenty on coral bommies are along the bottom and a rocky wall can be explored on the shoutern end of Ao Tyr. Do not underestimate the sandy patches, because life is everywhere here. Peacock shrimps, nudibranches, rays and garden eels can be observed if you keep your eyes sharp. But don't forget to look up, there might be an eagle ray passing by.

Big moray in Ray Yai island
Find new species while scuba diving
Scuba diving trips from Raya Yai

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